Photo Galleries of Italy

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Galleries from Venice, Italy
Apartment - Pictures of the view from our apartment in Venice. 9 pictures
Campanile - Pictures from and of the Campanile. 23 pictures
Dolomites Day Trip - The mountains in northern Italy (Dolomites). 78 pictures.
Lagoon Tour - Lagoon Tour (islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello). 111 pictures
St. Marks - Pictures in and near the St. Marks Square area. 70 pictures

Galleries from Florence, Italy
Apartment - Pictures from our apartment in Florence. 13 pictures
Bargello - The Bargello (prison). 31 pictures
Santa Croce - Santa Croce Church. 88 pictures
Outside the Duomo - Pictures from the area outside the Duomo / Bapistry. 108 pictures
Inside the Duomo - Pictures from inside the Duomo. 42 pictures
Duomo Museum - Pictures from the Duomo Museum. 39 pictures
Santa Maria - Santa Maria Novella Church. 9 pictures
Piazza della Signoria - Piazza della Signoria (includes The David). 28 pictures
Ponte Vecchio - Ponte Vecchio Bridge and surrounding area. 41 pictures

Galleries from Rome, Italy
Minerva Church - Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Church. 27 pictures
Vittoria Church - Santa Maria Della Vittoria Church. 33 pictures
Angeli Church - Santa Maria Degli Angeli Church. 28 pictures
Susanna Church - Church of Santa Susanna. 16 pictures
Trevi Fountain and Pantheon - Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon in Rome. 56 pictures.
Vatican Tour - Pictures from the Vatican tour. Includes St. Peters Basilica and Square, Michaelangel's Pieta. 128 pictures.
Tapestry & Map Rooms (Vatican Tour) - The Tapestry and Map rooms that were part of the Vatican tour. 25 pictures.
Raphael fresco's (Vatican Tour) - Raphael fresco's. Part of the Vatican tour. Unbelievably crowded and impossible to get good shots. 18 pictures.
Colosseum and Roman Forum - The Colosseum and Roman Forum. 110 pictures.
Capital Hill Museum & Borghese Gallery - Capitale Hill. Includes shots looking out over the Roman Forum and from our trip to the Borghese Gallery (outside only of course). 106 pictures.

Panoramas from Italy - (Warning! VERY large pictures)
Mountains - Dolomite mountains [9.5 MB] - (13479 x 2712 pixels)
Roman Forum - Roman Forum [21.6 MB] - (12984 x 4058 pixels)
Rome - Large view of Rome [10.7 MB] - (12391 x 2343 pixels)
Coloseum - Inside the Coloseum, view 1 [10.4 MB] - (11613 x 2648 pixels)
Coloseum - Inside the Coloseum, view 2 [11.5 MB] - (19435 x 2485 pixels)
St. Peter's Square - St. Peter's Square, Vatican - [11.5 MB] - (13475 x 2875 pixels)